Harry potter Steam train cancelled for safety reasons

train owner prioritizing profits over safety

Harry potter train suspended:  The owner of the Jacobite train operated by westcoast railways in Scotland has warned the suspension could cost up to £50m or more .

Is this another Company putting profits before the safety of their customers? 

As a harry potter tour provider in Oxford we always recommended this train journey should they be visiting the area however knowing the safety concerns we will not be recommending it in the future until this is addressed Oxford Magic Walking Tours will always prioritize the safety and comfort of its customers over profit 

Lets face it the train ride is not cheap costing from £65 pp 2nd class and £98 pp 1st class surely they could have got this fixed by taking one carriage of at a time they have had 3 years to address this safety concern

Key take away and questions

  • Train tickets are still on sale 21/03/2024
  • Company states everyone will get a refund
  • Train suspended over safety concerns 
  • Company has been fighting this for 3 years
  • Suspended over the hinge door locking issues 

Hogwarts express Tickets are still currently on sale

Harry potter train cancelled

The renowned steam train, often associated with the Harry Potter series, has temporarily ceased operations due to pending safety evaluations

Known as The Jacobite, this iconic train journey across the Scottish Highlands is on hold, awaiting a decision on its continued use in its present configuration.

The train’s operator has expressed concerns over a potential loss of around £50 million in value due to this interruption.

Featured in the 2002 movie “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,” The Jacobite is affectionately referred to as the Hogwarts Express, in homage to the beloved books by J.K. Rowling. Tickets are still currently on sale as of 21-03-2024

Why is the harry potter train service suspended?

Run by West Coast Railways (WCR), the leading heritage railway company on UK main lines, the service is currently paused. This halt is due to a pending determination from the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) about its use of traditional hinged-door carriages.

For over three decades, The Jacobite has operated under a special dispensation allowing these older style carriages on mainline tracks, generally not permitted.

WCR has recently requested a renewal of this exemption and sought a provisional permit to operate while awaiting ORR’s verdict.

In a recent legal setback, WCR unsuccessfully challenged ORR’s stance on the safety of its carriage doors at the High Court.

WCR had argued that retrofitting central locking systems, a costly endeavor, would jeopardize their business, insisting their current door mechanisms were equally secure. However, their claims were rejected by the court, validating ORR’s cautious position.

Potter train out of service

The Jacobite, journeying from Fort William to Mallaig and traversing the renowned Glenfinnan Viaduct, is a significant tourist attraction.

James Shuttleworth, WCR’s commercial manager, commented on the suspension’s impact, emphasizing The Jacobite’s contribution to local economies and the UK tourism industry, estimating over £20 million influx annually. He cautioned that failure to obtain an exemption might lead to a massive £50 million loss in value for both regional and national communities. However you cannot put a price on life itself. so big deal if they loose money sort the safety aspect out

WCR has assured full refunds to those with bookings for The Jacobite.

An ORR spokesperson noted that heritage operators, including WCR, had been informed years earlier about the need for modern door-locking mechanisms post-March 31, unless granted an exemption.

They revealed that WCR’s application for an exemption was unsuccessful and subsequently challenged legally. Despite a temporary permit to sustain operations during legal proceedings, WCR proceeded to sell tickets without certainty of receiving the necessary exemption.

The application submitted on March 8th is under review, with ORR expressing disappointment over WCR’s lack of effective contingency plans for their customers.

Sky news report for further reading on this topic

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