Oxford Walking Tour prices

Overview of Oxford Walking Tour Prices

What are the oxford walking tour prices? before we answer it’s important to note that Oxford offers a variety of walking tours, each with its unique focus and pricing structure. One standout option is Oxford Magic Tours, known for its affordability and unique blend of history and entertainment.

How much are walking tours in oxford?

oxford tours price

There is not one answer to this question as every tour varies in price. However as it stands the magic walking tours in oxford give excellent value for your money?

  • Standard Walking Tours: Prices typically range from £20 to £35 per person. These tours often focus on the city’s history, architecture, and famous landmarks.
  • Themed Walking Tours: Specialized tours, such as literary or historical figure-themed walks, may have varying prices depending on the level of detail and length of the tour.

Factors Influencing Tour Prices

  • Tour Length: Longer tours or those that include entry to certain attractions may be priced higher.
  • Guide Expertise: Tours led by highly knowledgeable guides or those with special skills (like magicians in the case of Oxford Magic Tours) might be priced to reflect this expertise.Although their introductory price is only £15pp which is UNBELIEVABLE for what you get on this tour.
  • Group Size: Private or small-group tours tend to be more expensive than standard group tours.most private tours Start from around £150
  • Special Features: Unique elements like live performances or interactive sessions can affect the price.

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General Price Range & Oxford Walking Tour prices

As of January 2023 Oxford walking tour prices Start from £15 per person for oxford magic walking tours which is the cheapest paid tour in oxford however this is set to rise after the initial promotional period. Walking tour price go all the way up to £50pp I have also seen tours for an eye watering £120 pp. Please do your research and see what tour fits you and your needs just because you pay more for a tour does not mean the tour is superior in quality and or the guides that take you. It is always advised you check the reviews of a company on trusted sites such as google reviews and TripAdvisor reviews.

Why is oxford magic walking tours such good value for money?

The reason for this is that they visit all the main locations in oxford the same as the other tours that charge at times Twice as much and sometimes more but this tour offers liver entertainment on the tour and as a result is exceptional value for money and a great family friendly tour.

Best value oxford tour

The University's Legacy

Factors Influencing Tour Prices

  • Literary Greats:

    Oxford, the cradle of literary giants such as J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Lewis Carroll, who are among the most celebrated modern writers of English classics, is brought to life by our guides as they show you the locations that sparked their imagination and featured in hit series like Harry Potter and Inspector Morse.
  • Famous Landmarks:

    Visit the bodleian library tour and takes you to the awe-inspiring Radcliffe Camera the bridge of Sighs and the historic University Church of St. Mary’s among other locations, providing an exceptional sightseeing oxford journey

Booking Information

Book tickets here for tour

To secure your spot on the tours of Oxford and access comprehensive visitor information, we recommend booking online, Whilst tickets are available from the guide prior to departure but the number of participants On the most walking tours are limited. Private/Group tours are also offered year-round for those seeking a more personalized experience. to avoid disappointment especially on the more popular tours  you should always book in advance especially in peek season. 

The Harry Potter Connection


The Harry Potter series has brought a new generation of visitors to Oxford university, that are keen to see the filming locations  that inspired the films.


The guide performs magic from the harry potter movie that looks like the real thing or even a camera trick we can assure you it’s not 

Oxford Magic Tours – A Unique Experience

Oxford Magic Tours distinguishes itself from other walking tours in the city with our dedication to incorporating live entertainment into the walking tour experience, setting us apart and enhancing the journey.

Engaging Performances

Our tour guides are not only knowledgeable about Oxford’s rich history but are also talented performers, adept at animating the city’s narratives in a captivating and enjoyable way, making our walking tours truly unique.

Affordable Pricing

At Oxford Magic Tours, we believe that a memorable tour experience should not burn a hole in your pocket. Our tours are currently the cheapest priced , making us the most affordable oxford walking tour free of high costs.

Booking Your Tour

To embark on one of our Oxford guided tours, simply visit our website or get in touch with us directly. We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to Oxford and ensuring your Oxford tour is an unforgettable journey through this historic city.

Remember, for an immersive and magical experience, Oxford Magic Tours offers a unique tour that combines the enchantment of Harry Potter with live magic performances.


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