free walking tour of oxford good or bad?

are Free walking tours of oxford Good or bad?

The answer to whether a free walking tour of Oxford is good or bad is not straightforward; it has both pros and cons. Let’s delve into the details to give you a better understanding of what a free walking tour in Oxford entails.

Free Oxford walking tours


Firstly, it’s important to clarify that despite being called “free” walking tours, they are not entirely free. At the end of the tour, participants are expected to tip the guide, and sometimes the guides make it difficult to walk away without tipping, leaving visitors feeling uneasy. Additionally, these free tours often conclude far away from the usual tourist hotspots, forcing attendees to seek directions from the guide, further influencing the sense of obligation to tip. it has come to my attention that some FREE so called tour companies are asking for payment 15 min into the tour and if you do not pay they ask you to leave which is not only wrong but very embarrassing as many people simply do not have the money to pay and is the reason the joined a free tour Link to read reviews yourself on trust pilot 

So, should you take a so-called free walking tour?

The simple answer is that it’s up to you, but you should be aware that these tours are usually free for a reason. Negative reviews have highlighted instances where a free tour company promised entry into a university college but asked for payment halfway through the tour, causing disruptions among the participants. Furthermore, some guides continuously emphasize the need for tips during the tour, affecting the overall experience.

Our advice is to consider opting for a paid tour of Oxford instead. A paid tour is more likely to offer a superior experience, as there is a reasonable cost associated with it. After all, if a tour or product is truly outstanding, one would expect it to be priced accordingly.

One common issue with free walking tours is the potential for overcrowding. Since many people think these tours are entirely free, they can attract large groups, making it challenging to hear the guide, especially for those at the back. On the other hand, paid tours typically limit group sizes, ensuring a better experience for all participants.

Another drawback of free tours is their inconvenient ending locations. Participants may find themselves a considerable distance from where the tour began, causing discomfort, especially for those unfamiliar with the city. This inconvenience is avoidable with paid tours, which usually conclude at more convenient locations.

Furthermore, free tours can be subject to sudden cancellations without notice, leaving participants stranded and scrambling to find an alternative. In contrast, paid tours, like Oxford Magic Walking tours, tend to be well-organized, limiting group sizes to ensure a smooth experience and often selling out in advance, minimizing the risk of cancellations. Free tours may also involve excessive walking, including unnecessary detours, which can be tiring for some visitors. Paying for a tour ensures a more streamlined and efficient route, maximizing your time and energy.

Moreover, the quality of free tours can be inconsistent, as they are often led by volunteers who may not be professional guides. This can affect the overall enjoyment and educational value of the tour. Additionally, the popularity of free tours can lead to large crowds, making it difficult to fully appreciate the sights or hear the guide’s commentary.

Free oxford walking tour not so free

Lastly, while free tours are advertised as being free, it’s customary to tip the guide, which can add up, especially for budget travelers. Furthermore, some free tours may take you to places where the guide receives commissions, potentially leading to hidden costs.

In conclusion, while a free walking tour might initially seem appealing, considering the various drawbacks and hidden costs, it’s advisable to opt for a paid tour of Oxford for a more enjoyable and enriching experience. With paid tours, you can expect smaller groups, better organization, knowledgeable guides, and convenient ending locations, making your visit to Oxford more memorable and worthwhile.

There is no such thing as a FREE MEAL As there is nothing  FREE IN LIFE we all have bills to pay. 

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