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Regarded as one of the jewels in the crown of the University of Oxford, All Souls College is a gateway into a realm of academic grandeur. This institution, often featured on the Oxford University tour and known for its connection to the University of Oxford Harry Potter locations, stands as a testament to the rich intellectual heritage of the UK, and is a beacon of research and scholarship.with an Oxford tour and guide you will learn all about this college on most oxford tours

A Unique Establishment

All Souls College, a part of Oxford University, is not your everyday academic institution. With its unique selection criteria and stringent entry tests, it is a place for only the brightest minds, offering a unique student life. Its doors are open only to those already holding an undergraduate degree from a recognised institution.

Those who manage to secure a place at All Souls are bestowed with the title of ‘Fellows’ and are entitled to a wealth of benefits, such as complete tuition fee waivers and complimentary accommodation. It’s worth noting, however, that this prestigious institution admits only two candidates each year. and sometimes zero its a one in one out kind of principal which is explained on a oxford walking tour

The Rigorous Examination Process

all souls college worlds hardest exam

The path to joining All Souls College is paved with rigorous examinations. Candidates are required to sit through twelve gruelling hours of testing, beginning with two subject-specific papers which are three hours each. These papers can be in any of seven subjects: Classics, Economics, English, History, Law, Philosophy, or Politics.

Questions in these papers range from philosophical debates such as ‘Does trust have a history?’ to contemporary issues like ‘Is the current economics curriculum fit for purpose?’.

General Papers and Personal Engagement

Post the subject-specific examination, candidates must face two additional General Papers, each lasting three hours. These papers aim to test the candidate’s ability to rationalise and argue in areas they might be less familiar with.

The questions in these papers are designed to trigger a personal response from the candidates, making them engage with the material at a deeper level. Some past questions have included: ‘Which concept is more fundamental, shape or colour?’ and ‘Are there any unanswerable questions?’.

The One Word Essay

While the ‘One Word Essay’ at oxford university all souls college segment of the examination has now been discontinued, it was notorious for its complexity. Candidates were provided with a single word and were expected to write an insightful essay based on it. Words included in the past have ranged from ‘Style’ and ‘Water’ to ‘Error’ and ‘Taste’.as mentioned on the oxford tour another word was Brave

Viva and Final Selection

University viva examination in progress with a student presenting to a panel of professors in an academic setting, highlighting educational activities in Oxford

Once the written exams are over, successful candidates are invited for a viva. Here, they are questioned on their written answers by a panel of up to 50 all souls college fellows. If you manage to impress this esteemed panel, you will earn your place among the elite group of individuals who have aced what is often called the hardest exam in the world.

The Allure of All Souls College

Apart from its academic prestige, All Souls College, Oxford, is known for its stunning architectural beauty. Its grand quadrangle, surrounded by magnificent old buildings, is an awe-inspiring sight that showcases the best of Oxford architecture. The college chapel is also noted for its scale and exquisite furnishings.

Visitors on Oxford tours often find themselves drawn to the charm of All Souls College. However, this Oxford city centre attraction is open to the public only on weekday afternoons. If you’re planning to tour Oxford, especially this college, make sure you check the visiting hours beforehand

if you would like to know a little more about it i highly recommend a oxford city tour or an oxford uni tour.

Exploring Oxford with Oxford Magic Walking Tours

oxford guide on a walking tour of oxford university

For those interested in exploring the enchanting sights of Oxford on a walking tour, including the exterior of All Souls College, we highly recommend our guided walking tours.Oxford Magic Walking Tours. This tour guide company offers an immersive experience, taking you through the iconic landmarks of Oxford and sharing intriguing stories about their history.


All Souls College, a gem in Oxford University, stands as a unique institution in the world of academia. Its rigorous examination process, combined with its rich history and Oxford architecture, make it a truly awe-inspiring institution. Whether you’re an academic aiming to join its ranks, or a visitor on an Oxford University tour exploring the architectural marvels of Oxford, All Souls College is a place that is sure to leave a lasting your looking for harry potter oxford locations a oxford university tour or you just want to know a little more about student life or oxford attractions we have got you covered Book Oxford’s Number one walking tour today.

For more information, you can visit the All Souls College website here.


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