C.S. Lewis's Oxford: A Day of Literary and Spiritual Reflection

The Resting Place of a Literary Legend

Peaceful Repose in Headington Quarry

Nestled in the serene surroundings of the Holy Trinity Church Cemetery lies the grave of C.S. Lewis, a literary luminary of the 20th century. His final resting place, chosen for its tranquility, continues to be a site of homage where fans often leave flowers on his tombstone—a gesture that speaks volumes of his lasting impact.

Literary Greatness Amidst Oxford's Spires

Lewis’s connection to Oxford is indelible. Not only did he study here, but he also imparted his vast knowledge as a tutor and fellow at Magdalen College. His membership in the Inklings brought a weekly dose of fantasy to the local scene, making his grave a significant stop for any literary enthusiast visiting Oxford.

A Window into Narnia

Stained Glass Tributes

The Holy Trinity Church, a short walk from Lewis’s grave, houses a whimsical stained glass window that brings to life the characters of Narnia. Installed in 1992, adjacent to Lewis’s usual pew, this window offers a colorful glimpse into the world he created and loved.

Following in Lewis's Footsteps

The Kilns: Where Magic Was Penned

A visit to Lewis’s former residence, The Kilns, now a study centre, is a journey into the author’s creative workshop. The nearby nature reserve, which inspired the backdrop of Narnia, remains a source of inspiration for visitors seeking a connection to Lewis’s work.

The Ampleforth Arms: A Pint with the Inklings

For a taste of Lewis’s daily life, a stop at The Ampleforth Arms, his local pub, is essential. Here, one can almost hear the lively debates and storytelling that Lewis shared with his brother Warnie and friend J.R.R. Tolkien.

Plan Your Oxford Literary Pilgrimage

Easy Access to a World of History

Reaching Lewis’s grave and the surrounding landmarks is a breeze with public transportation from central Oxford. For those looking to delve deeper into the city’s literary and historical roots, consider enhancing your experience with a guided tour. impact of his literary works and his contribution to Christian apologetics.

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