Duke humfrey's Library / the old bodleian library

Best Things to Do in Oxford: Discover Duke Humfrey's Library

Are you planning a day out in Oxford and looking for the best things to do in Oxford? Whether you’re a bibliophile or a film enthusiast, Duke Humfrey’s Library is a hidden gem that tops the list of what to do in Oxford today. how about visiting a harry potter oxford filming location 

Explore the Historic Duke Humfrey's Library

As the oldest reading room within the Bodleian Library at Oxford University, Duke Humfrey’s Library offers a rare glimpse into the world of medieval and Renaissance scholarship. It’s a must-visit for anyone interested in the rich history of literature.

Duke Humfrey's Library: A Blend of Literature and Magic

Not only is Duke Humfrey’s Library a haven for book lovers, but it’s also famously known as a filming location for the Hogwarts Library in the Harry Potter series. Searching for ‘Harry Potter Oxford‘ brings up enchanting images and scenes shot within these very walls, making it a popular spot for fans of the series.

Join Walking Tours Oxford for a Magical Experience

One of the best ways to experience this historical site is by joining one of the many walking tours Oxford has to offer. These tours provide insightful commentary on the history of the library and its significance to both the academic world and pop culture.such as oxford magic tours this tour is unique as it has it’s very own wizard that perfoms harry potter style magic Throught the tour Highly recomed This tour 


Duke Humfrey’s Library is renowned for its historical significance and its role in the Harry Potter films as the Hogwarts Library. It houses a vast collection of medieval and Renaissance literature, making it a treasure trove for scholars and enthusiasts.

Visiting the library is a highlight of Oxford tours. To visit, one can join the walking tours offered by Oxford University, which provide access to this restricted area and offer insights into its history and collections.

The best things to see in the library include the ancient manuscripts, the chained books, and the filming locations used in the Harry Potter series. The library’s architecture and the rare collections it holds are a testament to the enduring power of knowledge and the magic of storytelling.


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