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Balliol college

Unravelling the Charms of Balliol College

Balliol College, a pivotal part of the University of Oxford, often referred to as ‘balliol oxford’, is a hub where extraordinary minds study under the tutelage of distinguished academics, who are experts in their respective fields. This article aims to provide an in-depth guide to one of the most respected colleges of Oxford, Balliol College should 100% be on your list to visit if your a tourist in oxford .

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Oxford balliol college a great place to visit

Balliol college History and Legacy

Established in 1263, Balliol College, often simply referred to as ‘balliol’, is one of the oldest colleges within Oxford University. It boasts a rich ‘balliol college history’, having cultivated some of the world’s brightest minds.

Academic Excellence

High standards at Balliol college oxford

Balliol College, takes pride in its high academic standards and is famous for nurturing intellectual debate in a congenial atmosphere. Students from over 40 different countries converge to learn and exchange ideas through a series of interdisciplinary seminars and research projects.

Social Responsibility

often simply referred to as ‘balliol’, is not just about academic pursuits; it also underscores social responsibility. It has initiated a fund to provide secure homes for students escaping conflict and repression.

Insight Talks

Balliol college online talks

For students who have a keen interest in science, Balliol College, organises a series of online talks. Booking for these insightful seminars is open for spring 2024.

Location and Infrastructure

Where is Baliol college

Centrally located on Broad Street, The college can be found directly opposite oxford magic walking tours often referred to as ‘balliol street’, Balliol College is in close proximity to laboratories, lecture theatres, libraries, and shops. The college provides accommodation’ to undergraduates throughout their courses, while also offering a wide range of maintenance and hardship grants, and special funds for research and travel.

College Facilities

Library and IT Services

Balliol college library oxford university

The Balliol College Library, known as Balliol Library, is extensive and houses significant collections of medieval and modern manuscripts, early printed books, and books written by former and current college members. It also features a specialized law library and comprehensive college archives.

Sport, Music, and College Facilities

whats at balliol college

Balliol boasts its own sports pavilion with football and cricket pitches, as well as tennis, squash and basketball courts. The college also provides a full-time year-round day nursery for the pre-school children of Balliol students and staff.

Balliol college Accommodation

Balliol College’s graduate housing, known as Balliol graduate accommodation, is located around the Graduate Centre at Holywell Manor, a ten-minute walk from the main college site. All rooms within the Graduate Centre are for single occupancy, with a variety of room sizes and furnishings available.

Dining Services

The College is renowned for its excellent kitchen, managed by its award-winning Executive Head Chef, Bertrand Faucheux. A buffet-style lunch and dinner seven days a week, and breakfast on weekdays, are served during term time. The dining hall here also resembles the harry potter hall in the films.  it is a lot smaller but does look very similar and it is not the hall used in the harry potter films 

Harry potter hall not at balliol

Clubs and Societies

This College is home to a variety of clubs and societies, including a music society, dramatic society, and several subject-specific societies. These groups offer a wide range of activities, providing Balliol students with ample opportunities to engage in their interests outside of academia.

Welfare Provisions

For Balliol College, the welfare of its students is a top priority. The college has a range of welfare provisions, such as a College Nurse, a Welfare Officer, harassment officers, and junior deans who are on call throughout the night.


Student run bar at oxford balliol college

The Lindsay Bar, run by an elected member of the JCR, is one of the cheapest bars in Oxford, open every day except Sunday. Balliol College also organises 9 ‘Big Open Parties’ (Bops) a year, providing students with ample opportunities for socialising and entertainment.


Balliol College has received numerous accolades from students for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere. One international student expressed, “Balliol is the best – the friendliness and welcoming nature here is unparalleled.” Another student highlighted the excellent location and amenities of Balliol, stating, “Choosing to apply to Balliol was an excellent decision! Its proximity to everything you need and the amazing bar are just a few of the perks.”

In conclusion, Balliol College is a must-visit spot on your Oxford Tours, offering an enriching blend of academic excellence, social responsibility, and vibrant student life. As you explore the college’s historic halls and lush gardens, you will surely be captivated by its unique charm and energy.


  • The Graduate Centre at Balliol College offers single occupancy rooms of various sizes and furnishings.
  • The college has excellent dining services, including buffet-style meals served during term time.
  • There are various clubs and societies at Balliol College, providing students with opportunities for extracurricular activities.
  • The college prioritizes student welfare and has provisions such as a College Nurse, Welfare Officer, harassment officers, and junior deans.
  • The Lindsay Bar is a popular and affordable bar at Balliol College, and the college also organizes regular parties for socializing and entertainment.
  • Balliol College has received positive testimonials from students regarding its friendly atmosphere, location, and amenities.
  • Overall, Balliol College offers a unique blend of academic excellence, social responsibility, and vibrant student life.


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AddressBroad St, Oxford OX1 3BJ

Date founded: 1263
Total enrollment: 682 (2022)
Master: Dame Helen Ghosh
Endowment: £119.1 million (2018)
Undergraduates: 396 (2022)
Boat club: Balliol College Boat Club
Named for: John I de Balliol 


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