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Introduction Christ church & Harry Potter link

Christ Church College in Oxford, a historic and architectural gem, stands as a testament to over 500 years of academic and cultural significance. Renowned for its majestic architecture and rich history, the college has become a beacon of inspiration worldwide. It gained additional fame as a key filming location for the Harry Potter series, drawing thousands of fans annually. This unique blend of historical legacy, architectural magnificence, and modern cultural relevance, including its connection to the magical world of Harry Potter, makes Christ Church College a distinguished and captivating institution in the heart of Oxford.

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Christ Church

Harry Potter's Remarkable Collegiate Destination

‍Christ Church college, a jewel in the heart of Oxford city, has over half a millennium of history. It’s not just an academic institution, but also a symbol of architectural grandeur and a source of inspiration to many globally. This is where the renowned Harry Potter series was filmed, making it a significant Harry Potter location in Oxford. The college’s majestic premises have served as a backdrop for numerous cinematic productions, most notably the Harry Potter series. Christ church does do tours of the main hall  you can also book a tour of oxford. The strong correlation between Harry Potter and Christ Church, a key Harry Potter filming location in Oxford, attracts thousands of tourists and Potterheads every year.

College of Christ church oxford

Christ church Historical Legacy

Constructed in 1546, Christ Church college has stood the test of time, with its structures embodying the spirit of the past and the promise of the future. Its rich history, intertwined with the evolution of academia in the UK, makes it a landmark of historical and cultural significance.

Architectural Magnificence

Christ church oxford university college

The campus of Christ Church is a testament to the architectural brilliance of the past. Whether it’s the Gothic arches adorning the Meadow building façade, the Canterbury gate entry, or the renowned Tom Quad – the largest campus quadrangle in Oxford, every corner of the college exudes architectural charm. The bell tower, designed by the college’s own alumnus, Sir Christopher Wren in 1682, is another architectural marvel that adds to the college’s grandeur.

The Harry Potter Connection

Grand hall harry potter at christ church oxford

One of the most fascinating aspects of Christ Church is its connection with the world of Harry Potter. The college’s Great Hall served as a direct inspiration for the Hogwarts dining hall depicted in the Harry Potter series. In fact, several scenes from the movies were filmed on the stairway leading to the Great Hall, making it a must-see location for all Potter fans. This connection has led many to wonder, ‘where is Hogwarts located?’ The answer lies in the heart of Oxford, at Christ Church College.

The Harry Potter series has brought a new generation of visitors to Christ Church, keen to see the place that inspired the Hogwarts dining hall.

College Facilities

Beyond its architectural splendour, Christ Church college offers a plethora of facilities to its students and staff.

Christ church Library and IT Services

Christ church college oxford library

Christ Church boasts one of the largest college libraries in Oxford, housing a collection of over 160,000 books and a rare collection of early books and manuscripts. This collection is reminiscent of the famous Bodleian Library. Additionally, there are dedicated computer rooms offering internet access and printing facilities, catering to the modern-day needs of students.

Christ church Sports and Music Facilities

Christ church college sports grounds and music

The college is also home to a dedicated sports ground and a boathouse, accommodating a wide range of sports, including Quidditch, a sport popularized by the Harry Potter series. The college’s music scene is vibrant, with the famous Cathedral Choir and an annual music festival organised by the music society.

Welfare Support

welfare service at oxford university

Ensuring complete welfare of its students, Christ Church has trained student Peer Supporters and a College Counsellor. The Welfare Tutors and Welfare Coordinator are also available to address personal and academic welfare concerns.

Accommodation and Meals

Christ church college oxford accommodation

Christ Church offers a variety of accommodations to students, from private study bedrooms with shared bathrooms to one- and two-bedroom flats. The college also offers subsidised meals in the famous dining hall, making meal times a sociable occasion.

Graduate Common Room (GCR)

Christ church GCR of oxford

The Christ Church Graduate Common Room (GCR) is a hub of social activity, hosting speaker nights, guest dinners, parties and cultural excursions. It also has kitchen facilities, a widescreen TV and a mini bar, providing a comfortable space for socialising.


encourages exploration. Its historical legacy, architectural splendour, diverse facilities and its magical Harry Potter connection, often likened to Hogwarts, make it a unique destination of academia and culture. Whether you’re a prospective student, a Harry Potter fan, or simply a lover of history and architecture, Christ Church is a place that will captivate your imagination and leave you with memories to cherish.

  • Christ Church College offers welfare support through trained student Peer Supporters, a College Counsellor, Welfare Tutors, and a Welfare Coordinator.
  • The college provides various accommodation options and subsidised meals in the dining hall.
  • The Christ Church Graduate Common Room (GCR) is a social hub with kitchen facilities, a widescreen TV, and a mini bar.
  • Contact information for Christ Church College is provided.
  • Christ Church College is described as a community that nurtures talent, fosters growth, and encourages exploration.
  • The college is known for its historical legacy, architectural splendour, diverse facilities, and its connection to Harry Potter.
  • References to Christ Church College, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, and Christ Church Library are mentioned.
  • Christ Church College is a registered charity, and its safeguarding and privacy notice can be found on their official website.


Questions people ask

Several iconic locations within Christ Church College were used in the Harry Potter films. The most famous is the grand staircase, which appears in the movies when new students enter Hogwarts. The Great Hall of Christ Church was the inspiration for the Hogwarts dining hall, although the film set was a replica built in studios. Additionally, the cloisters in Christ Church were used in a few scenes, notably when Harry is shown the trophy his father won.

To book a Harry Potter tour at Christ Church College, you can visit This unique tour not only takes you through the Harry Potter filming locations but also includes performances by a real magician, adding an extra magical touch to the experience. The website provides details on tour schedules, availability, and pricing. It’s advisable to book in advance due to the popularity of these tours.

While the tour primarily focuses on the locations used in the Harry Potter films, the unique aspect of the tours offered by Oxford Magic Tours is the inclusion of a real magician who performs magic, enhancing the Harry Potter experience. However, there are no permanent Harry Potter exhibits at Christ Church College, as the tour mainly highlights the college’s historical and architectural significance, along with its connections to the films

Beyond its Harry Potter fame, Christ Church College is renowned for its architectural beauty and historical significance. Visitors can explore the Tom Quad, the largest quadrangle in Oxford, the stunning Blue Boar Quad, and the Christ Church Cathedral. The college also boasts one of the largest college libraries in Oxford, rich in historical manuscripts and books.

The Christ Church Library is primarily an academic library, and access may be restricted to college members and visiting scholars. It does not typically house Harry Potter-related materials or exhibits, as its collection focuses more on historical and academic texts. However, the library’s architecture and vast collection of books might remind visitors of the Hogwarts library from the Harry Potter series

Remember, for an immersive and magical experience, Oxford Magic Tours offers a unique tour that combines the enchantment of Harry Potter with live magic performances.


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AddressSt Aldate’s, Oxford OX1 1DP

Dean: Sarah Foot Installed July 2023
Founded: 4 November 1546
Founder: Thomas Wolsey
Endowment: £769.8 million (2022)
Total enrollment: 669 (2023)
Undergraduate tuition and fees: 9,250 GBP, International tuition from 19,350 GBP (2023 – 2024)
Undergraduates: 453 (2023/2024)


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