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Exeter College - A Noteworthy Stop on Oxford England Walking Tours

During your walking tour in the historic city of Oxford, England, Exeter College, Oxford, is a must-visit destination. Known as Exeter Oxford, it is renowned for its rich history, breath-taking architecture, and vibrant student life. This college can be found on Broad St Oxford although the entrance is not quite on broad street it is just around the corner on Turl Street

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A Brief Introduction to Exeter College

Established in 1314, Exeter College Oxford is the fourth oldest in the Oxford University, known for its small, friendly, and inclusive community of students and staff. Perfectly located in the heart of Oxford, it offers a unique mix of medieval charm and modern conveniences.

“Exeter College is small enough that you’ll never feel lost, but big enough that everyone finds their place. It’s a very inclusive and diverse environment, making it easy to settle in.” – Maddy, an Exeter College student

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What Sets Exeter College Apart?

Academics and Student Support

Exeter College offers an intellectually stimulating environment, with the college’s teaching staff and students comprising some of the brightest minds globally. Here, learning is truly collaborative, and students are encouraged to be more diligent and critical in their thinking.

The college’s supports system includes the Senior Tutor and the College Adviser system. They provide a network of full-time academics independent of departmental or faculty supervision, ensuring students receive the best possible learning experience.

Student Life

university family life

Exeter College is known for fostering a tight-knit community, making it feel like one big family. The college hosts various social activities throughout the year, ensuring there’s never a dull moment. This sense of community is particularly beneficial for international students, helping them to feel right at home.

“The Exeter community has an impeccable knack of making international students feel right at home.” – Neerja, a graduate from Exeter College


Exeter college accommondation

Exeter College offers accommodation for three years of an undergraduate’s course and probably for a fourth year. All first-year students live on the main college site on Turl Street, also known as Exeter T1. Other college accommodation is in vibrant East Oxford (with self-catering facilities), and the modern Cohen Quadrangle in fashionable Jericho, known as T1 Exeter.

College Facilities

exeter college chapel

Exeter College boasts a plethora of facilities to enhance the student experience. These include an on-site gym, a stunning dining hall that is simmilar in style to the harry potter hall in christ church college , a bar, a chapel, music practice rooms, a performance space, learning spaces, and a sports ground. The college also houses a beautiful garden, located between High Street and Broad Street, offering picturesque views over Radcliffe Square.

Harry Potter Style hall at Exeter college

Harry potter type hall christ church

Please note this is not the hall that was modeled in the harry potter films it is of similar style as you can see it is very narrow not many pictures around the wall. The hall that you can visit on a tour is located at christ church college at oxford university 


Exeter College, a key landmark on the ‘Exeter to Oxford’ route, is steeped in captivating history, vibrant student life, and an impressive array of facilities, making it a must-visit on your Oxford England walking tour. Whether you’re a prospective student or a curious traveller, this Oxford landmark offers a unique glimpse into the world of Oxford’s academia, making your ‘Oxford to Exeter’ journey a truly memorable experience.

For more information, you can reach out to Exeter College’s Access and Outreach Lead, Ellie Lee, at [email protected] or visit their official website at www.exeter.ox.ac.uk.

Remember to add Exeter College, a notable stop on the ‘Tolkien tour Oxford’, to your list of must-visit spots on your Oxford England walking tour. Prepare yourself to be enchanted by its age-old charm, vibrant academic atmosphere, and the ‘Exeter ghost tour‘. The college also boasts the architectural marvel by ‘Sir George Gilbert Scott’, adding to its allure.


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Total enrollment: 688 (2023)
Rector: Rick Trainor
Date founded: 1314
Endowment: £86.7 million (2022)
Previous names: Stapeldon Hall
Visiting students: 25 (2021/2022)
Fellows: 56 (2022/2023)
Named for: Walter de Stapledon, Bishop of Exeter


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